3 Reasons to Choose Toric Contact Lenses

One may have noticed that a normal contact lens has two surfaces which are an inner surface and also an outer surface. These are manufactured as a portion of a sphere. This design allows one to feel comfortable when wearing contacts. However, there are certain conditions which make the eye to have non-spherical shape. One of the most common conditions is astigmatism, where the eye has an irregular shape such as a stretched sphere or also a cylinder.

And that is the reason why toric contact lenses are popular at the present. It is commonly used to treat astigmatism where is causes one’s image to become blurry as well as uneven sharpness images to the eye. There are several reasons for an individual too choose this type of lenses.

The first reason why one should choose toric lenses is due to the recommendation by the optometrists to treat astigmatism. According to the optometrists, this lens is one of the most reliable corrective eye wear as it is able to provide better correction for astigmatism. If the experts have said so, then it would be wise for one to choose toric contact lenses too.

Secondly, normal contact lenses are made of soft material usually. This will make it hard to maintain its shape. Therefore, it cannot be used as a correction for astigmatism because it will still create blurry images at certain areas. RGP kind of toric lenses are able to retain its shape efficiently compared to normal contact lenses. This will result in an even and sharp image.

The last reason why these lenses are chose is that they are available in various designs, which includes colored lenses. You are able to choose the eye color based on your preferences as well as patterns. You can be fashionable when wearing contacts too.