Eyeglass Crafts

Eyeglasses crafts are fun and easy to do. Old glasses can be recycled into something new, and you can even make cheap and easy accessories for your glasses. Kids can create unique frames to wear and play with their friends… Read moreEyeglass Crafts

Vintage Eyeglass Styles

For those who are nearsighted, farsighted or otherwise coping with less than perfect vision, glasses are more than a fashion accessory–they’re key to seeing the world clearly. Alternately, those gifted with perfect vision can wear nonprescription specs to add a… Read moreVintage Eyeglass Styles

Eyeglass Cleaning Tips

Nobody wants to replace their eyeglasses more often than necessary, especially if you have expensive prescriptive lenses. Like other delicate accessories, properly cleaning your eyeglasses isn’t intuitive and requires more thoughtful care. Most eyeglasses are made from synthetic materials instead… Read moreEyeglass Cleaning Tips

Eyeglass Styles

Eyeglasses have been transformed from a thing of necessity into an accessory with a variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials to choose from. The eyewear industry does not consistently use specific terminology to represent eyeglass styles; however, popular types… Read moreEyeglass Styles