How to use household items to protect Boots, Hats, Eyeglass,etc

In this article I will show you what everyday household items I use for my clothing, boots, shoes, eyeglasses, etc. Did you know that you can make your shoes and boots waterproof by spraying them with a coat of Scotchgard? Did you know that you can protect leather shoes and boots from water and mud by rubbing Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing into the leather. We have more for you so read on. All these tips work for me and my family.

things you’ll need:
Just everyday household items in your home now.

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1 * Coat your sneakers with Aqua Net Hair Spray to prevent the canvas and leather from absorbing dirt and mud. After gardening, you’ll be able to easily wife off the dirt with a damp rag.

*Conair Pro Style 1600 Hair Dryer: To dry wet boots or sneakers, insert the nozzle of a Conair hair dryer into the boot or sneaker and use on LOW warm setting for five minutes.

*GLAD TRASH BAGS: Make impromptu boots by simply slipping a Glad Trash Bag over each shoe and securing in place with masking tape.

NEWSPAPER: Dry wet shoes or boots by stuffing them with crumpled news papers. Let dry overnight (away from a heat source). The newsprint absorbs moisture while simultaneously deordorizing the footwear.

2 *ZIPLOCK STORAGE BAGS: Protect shoes when working in the mud by wearing a gallon-size Ziplock storage bag over each shoes.

*COLGATE TOOTHPASTE: To defog glasses, rub a dab of Colgate toothpaste over both sides of the lenses, then wipe clean. The glycerin in the toothpaste prevents the eyeglasses from fogging up.

*SECRET DEODORANT: To prevent eyeglasses from slipping down your nose, rub a dab of Secret Deordorant on the bridge of your nose.


* STAYFREE MAXI PADS: To prevent perspiration stains on the inside of a hat’s headband, stick a self-adhesive Stayfree Maxi Pad inside the hat, along the headband where your forehead rests. When the maxi pad gets full of sweat, replace it with a fresh one.


*BUBBLE WRAP and SCOTCH PACKAGING TAPE: Make knee pads for working in the garden by simply rolling up two foot long sheets of Bubble Wrap. Use Scotch Tape to adhere the air-cushioning material to the front of each knee.

*L’EGGS SHEER ENERGY PANTY HOSE: Cut off the legs from a pair of clean, used L’eggs Sheer Energy Panty Hose, stuff them with foam rubber, old sponges, rags, or bubble wrap, and tie the ends to create handy kneeling pads.

*STAYFREE MAXI PADS: Peel the adhesive strip from the back of two Stayfree Maxi Pads and stick the pads to your knees.

Tips & Warnings
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda: Sprinkle grease stains with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and scrub gently with a wet scrub brush. The baking soda lifts the grease.