How to Remove a Lens From Partial Frame Eyeglasses

When attempting to thoroughly clean your glasses, or replacing a scratched lens, the original lens must be removed from the eyeglass frame. This procedure, which requires more concentration when performed on demi- or half-frame glasses than on traditional full frames, can be accomplished in just a few minutes and with a minimum of tools.

things you’ll need:
Thumbtack or pin

1 Place a towel over your work area to avoid your lenses getting scratched, damaged or bouncing off the surface.

2 Hold the frame firmly with your non-dominant hand. Open the frame, if its arms are folded.

3 Hold a thumbtack or pin in your dominant hand and insert it between the frame and the lens, right beneath the nose pad and where the nylon wire and frame meet.

4 Wiggle the thumbtack back and forth and towards towards the bottom of the lens, where the lens adheres to the frame. The lens will eventually pop out.

Tips & Warnings
Be careful when inserting the thumbtack or pin, or you may end up stabbing yourself.