DIY Plastic Eyeglasses Frame Repair

Eyeglass frames come in a large selection of styles and shapes. Choices for eyeglass frame materials range from titanium to plastic. They can also break at inopportune times. Even thick plastic frames can break. There are some temporary repairs that you can do at home which will work until the frames can be professionally repaired or new glasses can be purchased.

Repairing The Bridge
The bridge of the plastic eyeglass frame is prone to breakage. This area is difficult to repair permanently, so any repairs made on the bridge are a temporary fix. For a quick repair, use tape and wrap it around the bridge. It is not a comfortable way to wear the glasses, but it will work until supplies are at hand to make a different kind of repair. For a better solution, use a hot glue gun or Superglue to put the plastic frame pieces back together. Hold the pieces together until the glue has set. Do not get glue on the lenses, as it can be difficult to remove.

Repairing Scratches
Plastic eyeglass frames can scratch, and while scratches do not impair the quality of vision, they can be unattractive. If the dye goes all the way through the plastic eyeglass frame, buff the scratch with a nail file. Make sure the grade of the nail file is fine. Do not use a rough nail file on the plastic frame. Another option is to purchase a plastic polish or jewelry polish and use the polish to buff the scratch.

Repairing the Temple
As the temples of plastic eyeglass frames are stress points, they are a common area of breakage. Use tape as a quick fix, but when possible break out the glue gun or purchase some Superglue and use on the temple pieces.

Softening the Plastic Eyeglass Frame
It is not always convenient to head to an optical store for any necessary repairs or adjustments. Plastic eyeglass frames can be adjusted or repaired by softening the frames. This procedure can work for mending a broken bridge or broken temple pieces. Place a pan of water over heat until it is boiling. As it is boiling, hold the glasses over the pan. Wear gloves to protect your hands from steam burn. Check the plastic eyeglass frames for softening. When the plastic is soft enough to work with, push a small pin into one edge of the broken piece and push the other broken edge onto the other end of the pin. This connects the two pieces. Smooth the plastic as much as possible while it is still relatively soft. Use this softening method to adjust the earpieces when they are not fitting just right. Do not put plastic eyeglass frames directly over an open flame.