The Best American Eyeglasses

Most eyeglasses available today are manufactured in China or countries in Europe such as France, Italy and Germany. It is more difficult to find glasses that are made exclusively in the United States. If you are concerned about supporting industries that provide jobs for Americans, there are a few companies in the United States that do produce eyeglasses.

Shuron Ltd.
Shuron Ltd. specializes in retro eyeglasses.
Shuron has been making eyeglasses since 1865 in the United States. This company specializes in retro styles. Many of its classic glasses have been used in movies and television shows that occurred in an earlier era. Shuron supplied the U.S. Army troops with their optical needs during World War II. The company uses high-quality materials to produce its eyeglasses, and they are all made by fellow Americans. Shuron goes out of its way to please its customers and provide eyeglasses at a fair price. Regis is their most recently added collection of eyeglasses.

Ayoama USA Eyeglasses
Ayoama USA Eyeglasses are top of the line.
Another company in the United States that makes glasses is Ayoama. It offers stylish, high-fashion quality glasses at reasonable prices. Ayoama USA Eyeglasses utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to create its designer eyeglasses. You can mirror the stars or go retro with an expansive collection of quality-made glasses. They are available through

Oakley Eyeglasses
Oakley offers a comprehensive line of quality prescription glasses.
Oakley American-made eyeglasses has its headquarters in Orange County, California. It began production in 1975, and it has earned the reputation of being one of the most coveted brands for fashion and performance technology. Its eyeglasses are used extensively by athletes who constantly try to exceed the limits. Oakley has been awarded many patents, which are a result of its extensive research and innovative inventions. The company offers some of the best prescription optics that are available anywhere. It even offers metal frames with shape memory.

Peerless Optical
Peerless Optical has gained an outstanding reputation in a short time.
Also coming out of California is Peerless Optical, which was founded in 2003. Founder Gerald Woodard provides high-quality prescription eyeglasses at affordable prices. He created an innovative and inexpensive method of creating prescription eyeglasses, which has proven itself and received many testimonials. He has expanded to 98 stores, and he utilizes the latest technologies to deliver a product that has gained Peerless an outstanding reputation from many satisfied customers.