Patterns for Making Eyeglass Chains

An eyeglass chain is a stylish fashion accessory as well as a practical way to keep up with your glasses. They’re so easy to make you can make one to match every outfit. They also make great gifts.

Making Your Chain
Purchase elastic ends designed to hold eyeglasses at a craft or bead store. Cut bead wire the length you want your chain to be plus 3 inches. Purchased chains are usually 26 inches, but you can make your chain any length you like. Use wire instead of thread, since it’s sturdier and less likely to break.

Choose beads to fill out your chain. You can use all beads, or string decorative metal spacers between beads. Alternate beads of two different colors. Use three to five lampwork beads spaced evenly around the chain to add interest. Or you can add dangling charms.

A good rule of thumb is to use an odd number of these “extra” elements–special beads, charms or spacers–and place them evenly around the chain.

Arrange your beads on a bead tray to see your design before you string it. If you don’t have a bead tray, you can lay them out on a towel.

Eyeglass chains aren’t just for women. Make a masculine version with all black or metallic beads, or lengths of chain interspersed with beads.

Fasten the wire to one of the elastic ends. Thread the wire through a crimp bead, then through the small loop (not the one that attaches to the glasses) and back through the crimp bead. Crimp, then trim excess wire.

String your beads, spacers and charms. Finish by attached the second end as you did the first.

To make a super-quick eyeglass chain, take an existing beaded necklace and replace the ends with eyeglass ends.