How to Determine Eyeglass Measurements

With today’s market, you can order eyeglasses over the Internet, but you have to know how to measure eyeglasses properly so they fit correctly. To order prescription eyeglasses, you need a form from your eye doctor. When getting the prescription, your eye doctor may measure you, and this will eliminate the need to take measurements. If your doctor does not measure you, then you must know how to take those measurements yourself so your eyeglasses fit perfectly.

things you’ll need:
Ruler (measures in millimeters)

1 Measure the bridge size, the measurement across the nose. When you measure eyeglasses, the bridge width is the distance between the nasal surfaces of the rim and the frame.

2 Measure the lens width. This is the measurement of the outer edge of one side of the lens to the outer edge of the other side of the lens. Measure both sides. This will give you the size the glasses need to be so they fit correctly on your face. Too wide or too small and the glasses will not fit right.

3 Measure the lens height. This is the measurement from the highest point on the top of the lens to the lowest point on the bottom of the lens. This will give you an idea of how large the glasses may be and how the glasses will fit on your face.

4 Measure the arm length. Measure from the dowel point, where the arm attaches to the frame, to the length of the drop, the curve behind the ear. This will determine the comfort level of the fit over your ears.

Tips & Warnings
When using the ruler, make sure you measure precisely. If the measurement is off just a few points, your glasses may not fit correctly.