7 Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are considering contact lens wear, or looking to update your current lenses you have a decision to make. Which type of contact lens will suit your lifestyle? Below are seven features of daily disposable contacts that you might want to consider.

1. Easy to care for. Daily disposables are designed for single use wear. Meaning there is no care system or extra solutions to buy. Just the lenses.

2. Single uses are arguably the healthiest lenses available. Because you are never putting the same lens back on your eye again, this style of contact lens provides you with a very healthy lens experience.

3. Minimal clouding from deposit buildup. Lenses that are re-worn are prone to buildup of surface debris. With daily disposable lenses, there is hardly any opportunity for debris to coat up the surface and cause cloudy vision.

4. Best for travel. You do not have to carry any extra saline solution when you go away. Simply drop a couple lenses in your bag and you are ready for your trip. (always pack an extra pair or two for peace of mind)

5. Peace of mind in knowing that you are putting on clean and sterile contact lenses each and every day.

6. Extra pairs of lenses means you do not have to worry about losing one. Daily disposable lens wearers know that if they lose or tear a lens, it does not matter. Think about it, when you buy a year supply of lenses, which is over 700 lenses! who cares if one gets lost?

7. Small streamlined packaging makes it easy to store and keep your supply of daily use contacts.

I hope you consider daily disposables next time you go in for a contact lens fitting. As of this writing they are available in spherical corrections from +6.00 to -12.00 with some styles available in multifocal and toric designs. All daily disposables are soft lenses.