An Eye Procedure That Can Eliminate the Complaints of Glasses and Contacts

Do you experience complaints concerning your frames or contacts? At many eyeglass centers, there are lots of patient complaints about the variety of issues that glasses along with contacts could cause over many years of use. Even in case you have not experienced problems using your frames or contacts, they tend to be irritating at times and costly to replace every couple of years. For most people, there’s a better alternative. Read additional to come to a decision if you ought to make a consultation with a LASIK eye surgeon who can let you know if you are a candidate for LASIK.

Complaints About Glasses

Eye doctors hear a lot of complaints from glasses wearers who wear frames. They complain that they’re uncomfortable along with that the frames break or bend. One other complaint concerning frames is that the cost of new lenses along with frames is too much money to spend every two years, plus they don’t care for the aesthetic obstruction of eyeglasses resting on their faces. Other people say that they do not desire to regularly have to clean their eyeglasses.

Frequent Complaints Heard Concerning Wearing Contacts

LASIK experts have also helped countless people who’ve come in with complaints concerning their contact lenses. For a number of patients, contacts are a lot better than frames, however they have their unique group of problems – they need to be cleaned, they could tear, bring about eye irritation in addition to dry eyes, and additional issues. Moreover, replacing contacts can be pricey when you consider how many times that you must purchase them each year. For most that have performed the calculation over a life span, finding a more permanent resolution to their vision trouble seems to be the best way to go.

LASIK May be the Right choice to Get rid of Your Complaints of Glasses and Contacts

Hundreds of thousands of people have thrown out out their eyeglasses and contacts after getting their vision fixed by LASIK surgery. Why continue to have long problems with glasses along with contacts when you’ll be able to have outstanding vision? Simply think about – no more glasses to try on as well as determining which of them look right, along with no more ordering boxes of contacts! Plus best of all – no more expense on these items. With LASIK surgery, you will be able to see with out these. LASIK surgery may be an affordable solution to correct your vision problems.

What is a High-quality Candidate for LASIK?

Excellent candidates for LASIK are typically people who:

* Want to experience clear natural vision.
* Wish to discontinue use of eyeglasses or contacts
* Must have excellent or close to-perfect vision for professions, driving, or contact sports
* Do not suffer from an autoimmune illness
* Are over 21 years of age
* Do not have continual eye diseases or conditions, similar to amblyopia (lazy eye), keratoconus, or glaucoma
* Do not take drugs or have treatment that suppresses your immune system
* Don’t have unstable or uncontrolled diabetes
* Aren’t pregnant or nursing
* Don’t wish to become pregnant in the subsequent 6 months
* Have had a stable prescription for a minimum of a 12 months
* Haven’t got severe dry eyes
* Do not have a history of excessive scarring
* Are prepared to follow through with post-operative appointments
* Clearly be aware of the risks pertaining to LASIK
* Have realistic expectations

You will have to undergo a thorough analysis from your eye doctor to ensure that you are qualified candidate for LASIK.