Choose the Right Eyeglasses For Eye Health

As computers and televisions are getting popular, and as people take incorrect sitting position, the number of nearsighted person surge in the past 5 years. Wearing eyeglasses is not a fashion, but a big trouble in our daily lives. Therefore, it is necessary to remind those who have good eyesight to preserve their eyesight. As for those who have to wear eyeglasses, choosing the right eyeglasses is important, for the sake of eye health.

To choose the right eyeglasses, the first task should be to know types of eyeglass lenses. Nowadays, eyeglass lenses can be classified into glass lenses, resin lenses, and PC lenses. Each of the three bear their own merits and drawbacks. The glass lenses are featured with stable refractive index and optical characteristics. What’s more, they are of great power to block UV. On the other side of the coin, glass lenses are heavy and breakable, which would bring harm to eyes. Resin lenses are of high visible light transmission and great power to block UV as well. Compared with glass lenses, they are wearable and much lighter. PC lenses, as well, are of high refractive index, but they are easy to get damaged.

Knowing detailed information of the three kinds of eyeglass lenses, you could choose the right ones for you according to your specific needs and requirements. Improper eyeglass lenses would exert pressure on eyes, resulting in kinds of eye diseases.

Another issue should be payed specially attention to when choosing eyeglasses is that make sure whether you are suitable to wear contact lenses. For example, students in primary and high school, whose eyes have not get developmental commitment, are not suitable to wear contact lenses. At their ages, their eyes have not developed well enough to protect themselves. if proper measures not taken, it would be rather easy for their eyes to get injected. Additionally, people with allergic constitution and glaucoma are not advised to wear contact lenses.

Therefore, when you are going to choose contact lenses, you’d better consult with your doctor first. He/she will do some tests or examinations for you to check whether you are suitable to wear contact lenses.

A tip for choosing eyeglasses is to check the QS labels on the eyeglasses. The QS, the abbreviation of Quality Standard, would guarantee you comparatively high qualified eyeglasses.