Color Contact Lenses – Get New Eye Color and Look Beautiful

If you are trying to find the right color contact lenses for you, there are a variety of great things you need to know. You see, you want to make sure that you find the contacts that are colored in a way that will make you look wonderful. First of all, it is important that you know about the two main types of color contact lenses out there today.

There are both enhancement color contacts and opaque color contacts available to you today. The enhancement contacts can make your eyes sparkle, make them appear brighter, and change the hue slightly. They are best for people who have eyes that are light in color. However, the opaque lenses can totally change the color of your eyes, and they are great for people who have darker eyes, such as brown. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right type of color contact lenses for your needs.

Subtle Changes with Color Contacts

If you are looking for just a subtle change in your eye color, enhancement lenses are usually the best choice for you. If you already have blue eyes, then you can use enhancement lenses to make them appear a lot brighter, making them more attractive. Also, you can change the intensity and hue of your eyes with these lenses as well. Grey eyes do well with these lenses, since they can be changed to blue with blue enhancement lenses or even to green. While the change is not astounding, it can give you a whole new look to your eyes, adding subtle changes that make you look beautiful.

Dramatic Changes with Opaque Lenses

For those who are looking for a more dramatic change in their eyes, opaque lenses can be the best option. These options are especially great for people trying to change brown eyes. With opaque lenses you can make your brown eyes blue or green with no problems at all. Women who have very dark hair can make a dramatic look appear by using colored contact lenses that are a stunning blue, making them have a striking appearance. Women who already have green eyes, gray eyes, or even blue eyes can go for honey colors that will give them a warm appearance. So, with the right opaque contact lenses, you can dramatically change your eye color for a whole new look.

Of course it is very important that you check with an eye doctor to make sure that you can safely wear them, even if they are only for cosmetic use. If you already have prescription lenses, then you can easily get them in color options as well. Also, when you wear these color contact lenses, make sure that you only wear them about 6-8 hours at a time and never go to sleep wearing them. If worn safely, these color contact lenses can provide you with a wonderful way to change your look and look beautiful.