Computer Eyeglasses and Computer Vision Syndrome

New technologies and new issues always come into the public’s life together. Computer is a perfect example. This great invention has really helped numerous people in different fields increase productivity and improves efficiency. But this device may also require individuals to wear special computer glasses because of physical difficulties in front a computer screen. Except for eye problems, prolonged computer use may cause pain in the neck, a creak in the backside and so on. These are downside of computer usage.

In detail, there is a formal term used to describe these symptoms of prolonged computer use. Computer Vision Syndrome includes different symptoms. Besides the ones aforementioned, others include headache, burry vision, shoulder pain, loss of focus, tired, burning eyes and double vision. Among all these symptoms, some of them are common visual symptoms that may be caused by other eye problems. For instance, people over forty years old may suffer some of these common visual signs because of presbyopia. For these individuals, it is necessary to visit a doctor in order to diagnose the exact reason.

When it is sure that there are obvious symptoms associated with CVS, computer users need to wear computer glasses. A basic point is that computer eyeglasses are different from regular prescription glasses including bifocal ones. Regular prescription glasses are designed to perceive objects at either near or far ranges. But the computer screen is always within the mid-range, so that exclusive computer glasses are needed. Only this special type of eyeglasses can offer comfortable computer use.

In fact, there are still trifocal glasses which offer a tiny portion of medium vision in a lens. Another option is progressive glasses which incorporate various focal points in a lens. Since presbyopic folks need vision correction at several ranges, progressive eyeglasses are more suitable for them to perform computer tasks. But it is true that computer glasses remain the most professional one for computer screen viewing.