Contact Lenses For Young People

Hi! You look beautiful with your eyeglasses. Want to be able to see in the rain, though, like when you’re playing sports?

Contact lenses have flooded the market. They can be easily placed on the cornea of your eyes, enabling vision even in the rain. And while they may be tough to put in your eyes at first, it gets easier with practice.

Here are more points to ponder about contacts:

1) Chemists from Czechoslovakia invented the contact lens in 1961. The main advantage with contact lens is the comfort factor.

2) Each person has different power in the eye and therefore contact lenses with varying powers are available with the eye care practitioner.

3) If your eye care practitioner detects astigmatism in your eyes, he may gives you toric soft contact lenses to correct the problem.

4) Contact lenses come in different shades. Choose one with your eye color or a complimentary tone, your choice.

5) Even if you have the problem of dry eyes, there are many different combinations of contact lens and solutions.

6) Cleaning, the quality of lens and wearing habits go hand in hand in providing your eyes with good care.

7) Contact lenses like the extreme H2O, biomedics XC and proclear compatibles have been designed specially for dry eyes.

8) If you are a sportsman or woman, contact lenses can help; they provide a clear stable vision and wider field of view than eyeglasses. Contact lenses also don’t get fogged up or slip down during games.

9) Some rigid gas permeable contact lenses allow dust to accumulate below the surface and create an irritation to the eye. This problem can be solved by using contact lens drops or rinsing the lens with solution. Or go soft; soft contact lenses fit closer to the eyes.

10) Negligence in cleaning the lenses may blur the eyesight and may develop into an itching sensation, leading to possible infection. Enzymatic cleaners help remove protein deposits from contact lenses, thereby keeping them clear and transparent.

11) You are advised by the eye care practitioner not to share your contact lens with others.

12) You should not wear your lenses for longer periods than your eye doctor recommends because there are chances that you may deprive your eyes of the correct oxygen supply leading to possible damage of the cornea.

13) Rigid gas permeable contact lenses have their advantages too. They help in controlling myopia in children. They provide sharper vision than soft contact lenses and are more durable. They are economical too. Rigid gas permeable lenses correct near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. Hybrid contact lenses are a combination of Rigid Gas Permeable lens at the center, providing a clear and crisp vision and greater comfort.

14) Colored contact lenses can be used by teens who don’t need to correct vision but want to enhance the eye focus or change the eye color. For those particular about ultimate convenience, daily disposable types of contact lens may be the best option.

15) Awesome facts about contacts are:

– Your switching over to contact lens can complement your features and correct your vision at the same time.
– You can accentuate your outfit while giving yourself extraordinarily clear vision.
– With cool colored contact lenses, you will surely be envied by your friends.

Imagine wearing a fresh pair of contact lens every morning, use them throughout the day and disposing of them at night. By this evening, you can have an appointment with the best eye care practitioner and start using contact lenses. I guarantee you will feel much better and look more beautiful.