Contact Lenses Or Glasses?

Contact Lenses have many advantages as well as many disadvantages when compared to glasses. If you’re trying to decide which option is best for you, here are a few points to consider.

In most cases, contact lenses function the same as glasses, with the exception of cosmetic contact lenses. Cosmetic lenses are used to change the appearance of the eye, often used on the entertainment industry. Cosmetic lenses can completely change the look, color, and texture of a person’s eye.

Also, is some cases, such as Keratoconus or Aniseikonia, glasses may not be effective in correcting the vision problems. For the rest of this article, though, we’ll assume that you can use either contact lenses or glasses.

Advantages of contact lenses

Contact lenses are virtually invisible once inserted into the eye. This is highly attractive to many people, as they feel it gives them a younger, more attractive look, when compared to glasses.

Wearers of contact lenses do not have to bother with glasses. This may be especially helpful if you find your glasses falling off or getting in your way.

Disadvantages of contact lenses

Contact lenses are easily lost, and difficult to locate if you do lose them. Naturally, any small clear object is hard to find, and contact lenses are no exception. However, most people find it easy to keep from losing their contact lenses with some extra care.

Contact lenses must be regularly cleansed to avoid infection and / or irritation. If you choose disposable contact lenses, though, you can discard them instead of cleaning them.

Wearers of extended wear contact lenses may be more susceptible to eye infections and other minor complications, due to factors such as poor cleaning of the lenses, irritation from improperly fitting lenses, or bacteria build up.

For many people, the advantages of contact lenses far outweigh their disadvantages, but you’ll have to decide that question for yourself!