Contact Lenses VS Spectacles

Eyeglasses also called spectacle are lenses structured within a frame. Contacts however, are lenses which are slipped into the cornea of the eyes. Both perform a similar purpose and are used for corrective reasons. Going back to the beginning of the two objects, spectacles are considered to have been utilized since the 5th century BC along with the spread of use officially accounted in 1452. On the other hand, contact lenses are originally planned in 1508 and became available for mass usage in 1887.

Many people who are utilizing spectacles have switched to contact lenses for a number of reasons. Apparently, there are lots of positive aspects of putting on contacts over spectacles. The very obvious purpose could be the ease of use. Athletes are the very first adherent of contacts, they must be very grateful to Leonardo Da Vinci for his great idea. Putting on eyeglasses could be very distracting in playing sports, thus many athletes pick contacts to effectively win contests. Contact lenses are also favorable to those workers that require helmet or headgear in their job such as pilots, divers, soldiers, policemen and firemen. In addition, soft lenses are lighter than glasses; for that reason there’s no need to experience the uncomfortable weight on face and ears. Contacts deliver clearer vision compared to spectacles.

Range between the eyes and the lenses of spectacles can create image distortion. In contrast, contact lenses won’t go through any vision disruption caused by distance for it generates a far more natural and better eyesight. Contacts keep constant as attached in the cornea of the eyes. Contact lenses have the edge over glasses in relation to peripheral vision. Users of eyes glasses experience restricted and distorted vision if one happens to glare within the sides contrary to contact lenses that give clearer sight in side directions. When it comes to weather conditions including fogs and rains, soft contacts could be more suitable. In freezing locations, spectacle wearers may encounter discomfort due to the fog that covers up glasses, hence contact lenses are more preferable for it would not fog up. When it rains, eyeglass users would certainly find it difficult fighting against the blurry sight due to rain water.

Wearing glasses might be related with unattractiveness. Students wearing spectacle may be defined as a nerd-commonly viewed as foolish and socially distant person who are really unappealing. With contacts, there would no hassle coordinating dresses during particular occasions unlike spectacle that may create a big impact if frame colors and form are not harmonized with the outfit. Indeed, luxurious dress will be distorted if spectacles wouldn’t match up perfectly with the outfit. The only intent behind putting on eyeglasses is to correct vision issue. However, contact lenses, could serve in two reasons; it could be worn either for remedial or aesthetic purposes. In fact, there could be a pair of contact lens which serves a medical purpose but is, at the same time cosmetic as well.

Though most of the people are wearing contacts, still there are a few who are still clinging with their eye glasses. Nevertheless, it’s very evident that wearing contacts has a lot to offer compared to using eyeglasses. Moreover, innovations in contact lenses are more progressive compared to spectacles.