Do You Feel Tired to Wear Glasses Everyday? Try The Bates Method

Dr. William Horatio Bates published a book called “Perfect Sight Without Glasses” in 1920 to claim that psychological factors influence one’s eyesight as much as physiological factors and he filed a natural way by doing exercise regularly to improve eyesight. That is the Bates Method, or say “The Bates Method For Better Eyesight Without Glasses”, which is in the name of the founder, Dr. William Horatio Bates.

In his book, “Perfect Sight Without Glasses”, specific measures of a variety are provided, which one is easy to learn. On the side, cases of people who have been greatly benefited from those methods are displayed.

Dr. Bates’ theory is based on his discovery that psychological factors play a near role in effecting eyesight as physiological factors and stress should come to the top of the list. Therefore, Bates’ Method aims at relaxing eye muscles to relieve pressure and strain, so that vision problems can be improved and prevented. One of the most popular exercises is called palming method. A person is required to cover his eyes by a blinder or a towel so that eyes can be in a condition of total dark. Then by visualization and breathing exercises, eyes can be relax to the maximum degree.

It is reported that Bates Method has successfully cured many people with eyesight problems. Therefore, if you are trying Bates Method, continue to practice regularly everyday; if you have never practiced, have a try. By doing Bates Method, you will not have to undergo an eye surgery, which are not only costly bur also bear possibility of serious side effect, even completely loss of sight.