Evolution of Eyeglasses

Choosing the right eyeglasses is very important. Eyeglass frames are available in various materials that different people may like a specific material. Eyeglasses are truly a great invention but those who have greatly contributed in various fields would never have seen the significance of eyeglasses today. Eyeglasses have benefitted a huge amount of people who need vision correction. Without eyeglasses, their lives may be affected.

Until now, it is still unknown that which particular person has invented eyeglasses. Some evidences from the old paintings show that eyeglasses in the early days were quite different from the ones today. Original eyeglasses only had a perch on the nose without other support. This design of eyeglasses had some drawbacks. Under physical movement, these eyeglasses could easily de-position. Eyeglass frames took further steps about four centuries later, which were much similar to the eyewear nowadays. They need the support of the wearer’s ears. Modern eyeglasses are comfortable and stable in the place. Primary eyeglasses with normal design had metal frames and quartz lenses. Flawless glass lenses occurred even later.

After centuries of evolution, modern eyeglasses are much more comfortable and functional than those early ones. In early days, glass produced by factories often had bubbles and other imperfections. Currently, the techniques of glass production have improved significantly and glass has become indispensable for eyeglass lenses.

Today, eyeglasses are widely used for many vision problems, including normal magnification of text for reading, correction for myopia and hyperopia. Among the various materials of lenses, index lenses are very thin and light. This type of lenses is particularly suitable for people with a high prescription.

Some people think eyeglasses make them buck the trend. However, eyeglasses are available in a wide variety now, most of which incorporate fashion. In particular, many celebrities wear designer eyeglasses even if there is no vision problem.

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