Exclusive Computer Glasses

Prolonged time of working on a computer can easily lead to a condition called computer vision syndrome (CVS). The basic reason is that a computer screen sits in a special range between 20 and 26 inches. This particular range is different from that is set by other activities. According to ergonomics experts, this exclusive range is formally named intermediate zone of vision. It is closer than distance vision but farther than reading or near vision.

Computer users using naked eyes or regular corrective eyeglasses usually lean forward or backward in order to compensate for the visual range. In this way, symptoms of CVS will occur sooner or later. Those symptoms include visual ones such as blurry vision, double vision, tired eyes and others such as headaches, sore shoulder and backache. This is simply because regular corrective eyeglasses are not designed for the use of intermediate visual zone.

Nowadays, many people have visual problems and wear various eyeglasses and contact lenses for normally corrected vision. While nearsightedness and farsightedness occur mostly in young adults, presbyopia commonly bothers individuals over 40 years old. But all those eyeglasses or contact lenses created for these vision problems are not suitable in the circumstance of computer work. Even the creative trifocal and progressive lenses offer only a small portion for intermediate visual zone.

The perfect solution should be computer eyeglasses, which is supported by many studies conducted by institutes and research organizations worldwide. According to a study performed by the University Of Alabama School Of Optometry, there were significant differences in work productivity and accuracy between two groups of participants: one with computer glasses and the other with non-corrective eyeglasses.

Computer users can pick up a pair of computer glasses simply at a local office supply store. Computer eyeglasses cost an average price of $20 dollars, which is affordable even by ordinary people. An importance while buying cheap computer eyeglasses is to test them by reading something sitting in an intermediate visual zone.