Eyeglass Measurement That Ensures Comfort

Eyeglasses nowadays are available from different sources that opticians’ offices are no longer the only choice. Optical stores on the Internet are increasingly becoming a major force on the eyeglass market. Eyeglass customers do not necessarily need to visit an optician if they have got an eyeglass prescription. With a legal prescription, they can order prescription glasses simply at home or office.

This does not mean that doctor’s visit is needless. Prescription eyeglasses are medical devices that they require a proper prescription of the wearer. For people without a prescription, a visit to the doctor’s for eye examination is indispensable. Eye doctor’s visit is especially necessary for people who are considering their first pair of prescription glasses. New comers to prescription glasses should be checked by an eye doctor whether there are additional vision problems that require extra attention beyond a simple pair of glasses. During a comprehensive eye exam, the doctor will measure an individual and give him the appropriate information of eyeglass frames that will fit properly.

As an abbreviation for pupillary distance, PD represents the distance between a wearer’s pupils. This measurement is crucial for a properly fitted pair of glasses. Appropriate and comfortable vision correction offered by prescription glasses highly relies on the right position of corrective lenses. The center of a lens must sit perfectly over the pupil. Only in this way vision correction properties of prescription glasses can be optimal. In an imperfect case, even a few millimeters’ deviation can lead to some ill effects. If a person wants to measure PD by himself, a ruler that measures in millimeters is a must. Other forms of rulers without enough preciseness can never do a competent job.

Although prescription glasses are offered by a large number of online shops now and they can offer proper fitting according to exact measurements provided by customers, the wearers can not touch or try on their glasses until they have received them. If eyeglass wearers choose to buy glasses from an eye care practitioner, he or she can touch, hold and try on frames. This is the most effective and assuring way to check its comfort.