Eyeglass Removal From a Frame

Eyeglasses are necessary but delicate accessories. A simple accident can result in a lens scratched or cracked, and then removal of that lens becomes necessary. If you love the frame, you can remove the lens from it and keep the frame, but it requires gentle handling and a few tools. If at any point you feel you could damage or break the frame, take the eyeglasses to an optometrist for professional removal.

things you’ll need:
Glasses repair kit
Hot water
1 Inspect your eyeglasses, testing to see how securely the lenses are in place. See if you can remove the lens without taking apart the frame, but be very gentle.

2 Locate the little screw on the side of the frame that holds the eyeglasses together. Take the miniature screwdriver out of the glasses repair kit, and carefully unscrew the frame.

3 Set the tiny screw aside. Gently take apart the frame over a blanket or towel to provide a soft landing in case the lens falls out.

4 Remove the lens or lenses from the frame and carefully screw the frame back together.

Tips & Warnings
If the eyeglasses have plastic frames with no screw, heat the frame by immersing it in hot water to make the plastic more pliable. Then, gently remove the lens.