Eyeglasses for Aging Eyes

As we age the lenses in our eyes go from being soft and supple to becoming a bit more hard and in-flexible. This condition is called presbyopia but it is more commonly known as getting old. The older we get the more we lose our ability to focus on things that are close up like reading material. If you are starting to notice that you are having trouble reading things close up and you are having to extend your arms in front of you to read better, it may be time to look into buying some different glasses that are meant for aging eyes.

Reading Glasses

The most common type of glasses that people with presbyopia use are simple reading glasses. Glasses for reading are only meant to be used when you are reading or looking at objects up close and then taken off when you are looking elsewhere to prevent further eye strain.

Reading glasses can be bought over the counter in most drug stores, chain grocery stores, discount stores or even online. This makes them a pretty convenient choice for many people as they don’t cost much and it is easy to get a replacement should they break or get lost. Some people however, those with astigmatism or other prescription lenses, can’t simply use grocery store glasses for reading and should get a prescription pair of reading glasses made for their specific needs.

Multi-Focal Lenses

This brings us to the other type of eyeglasses for aging eyes, multi-focal lens glasses. If you already need glasses to see things far away more clearly then multi-focal glasses are probably best for you. A set of bifocals or trifocals combines 2 or even 3 sets of glasses all into one so that you don’t need to keep track of multiple pairs of glasses.

Bifocal reading glasses combine two types of lenses together making it seem like you have two sets of glasses in one to help you see both close up and far away. Trifocals, as the name implies, have a third lens that covers the distance in between. In the past there were demarcation lines on the lens that let you and everyone know you were wearing a multi-focal lens but now there are progressive lenses that have no lines on them so only you will know that you are wearing a pair of glasses meant not only for your regular use but also hidden reading glasses.

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