Find Out How to Choose the Eye Glasses Frame That is Perfect For Your Face

The trendiest kind of eye glasses frame is not necessarily the perfect frame for your face. What is more important to you, the latest fad or the eye glasses frame that makes your face look the best? To find the perfect fit in eye glasses frames you will need to understand the shape of your face and how the frames will fit your face. You do not have to have trendy designs to look great.

Your first consideration in choosing the perfect frame for your face is to find a shape that balances the shape of your face. The opposite of the shape of your face is your best choice for a good look. The size you choose is however, a different consideration. The frame size needs to match the size of your face. A frame that is too big for delicate features will overpower the face. Frames that are larger will make a dramatic effect if the facial features are large enough to handle the frames. If, however, your objective is to emphasize or draw attention to delicate features then the larger frame is a good choice. Square frames are excellent for emphasizing a square jaw and drawing attention to this feature.

Faces come in basic shapes and finding the perfect frame for the face type makes a big difference in the overall look you are trying to achieve. For the oval face type, the choices are almost unlimited because this is considered a perfect shaped face and can handle almost any eye glasses frame effectively. Try them on and see which one feels good to you.

If your face is round, you will need to choose a frame that will tend to minimize the round curves of your face. A frame that has square lines can work well but keep the height downsized. This will make the face seem wider and less round.

If your face is shaped like a heart where the forehead and the temples are wider and narrows at the chin, try an upside-down heart shape for the frames. When the frame is narrower at the top than the bottom, it will counterbalance the shape of your face. If you can’t find this, try square at the bottom and the top rounded. Rimless or partly rimless will probably be flattering.

If your face is angular with the temples, cheeks, forehead and jaw line all about the same in width, with the width and the length of your face about the same, you have a square face. For this kind of shape, try either oval or rounded frames. The frame is best when it has more width than height in order to counteract the square appearance of your face.

When your face shape is longer than it is wide it is considered a narrow face. For this type of face shape the best choice is a frame that is wider than it is long. A frame that is wider than the width of your face will make your face look even narrower and the corrective part of the lenses will not be in the right spot to be effective. The frames that are semi-rimless will help break up the length of the narrow face.

These are some choices for finding the perfect eye glasses frame that will not only fit your face type but will make you more attractive. A proper fit on the frame will also mean the corrective lenses are in the optimal placement to help your vision.

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