Finding the Right Frame for Your Prescription Glasses

Eyes are the mirrors of the body, without sight it is very difficult for a person to live as normal life. However, a person with perfect eye sight would not feel the importance of this gift of sight until it slowly starts to dim or fade away causing you to visit the doctor and get your eyes checked. It is then when you are faced with the overwhelming fact of having to buy prescription glasses and coping with wearing these prescription frames.

Buying a pair of prescription glasses is not very easy, given the many colors, sizes and shapes of frames. One should know how to find the right frame for your prescription glasses, a frame that would bring out the beauty of your eyes and your style. It should highlight your face without leaving a scar on it. How can one choose a pair of glass frame with all these factors?

The first point to consider when choosing prescription glass frames is the tone and the color of the eyes and the skin. The frame that you choose should blend with these two. The next should be the size of the frame; it should not be too big or too small. At the same time it should suit the face and the purpose that you want it for. It should highlight your lifestyle and the many activities that you perform while using it.

How would you choose a prescription glasses frame color? This is very simple if you do it this way. The frame color should be chosen according to the eye color, for instance if you have blue eyes then a blue frame would definitely enhance your eye color. However, for brown eyes try dark rim frames. Red frames will give your eyes a bright color. Solid black is what most people consider as it endears most eye shades. It is always best to choose the color that reflects your identity in a unique manner while at the same time making you feel comfortable wearing it.

The size of the prescription frame should be considered according to the shape of the face. The shape of people’s faces are found within the seven regular shapes like round, oval, square, oblong, diamond, heart shape or triangle. Hence it is best that you first determine the shape of your face before choosing prescription glass frames. The next is to take a friend along when buying these frames. Get his/her opinion after trying out a few frames or may be you can consult your optician who would be a perfect advisor with frames.

If you have a strong jaw or an angular face then you can try either the butterfly shapes, round, square or oval frames. An oval face shape would require a balanced frame that would set off the features of the face best. An oblong face is best complimented with broad rim glasses, while full cheeked faces would look attractive with angular, round or rectangular glasses. Though triangular faces are rare, these would require rimless glasses that would best suit the face.

Heart shaped faces are softened with round frames and diamond shaped or angular face shapes would be presentable in oval frames or rimless prescription glass frames as well. A whole lot of prescription frames are there for you to choose from. Why not go on a hunt for the best frame to suit your kind of face and style.