How Are Designer Eyeglasses Different From Regular Ones?

The time has come to buy new glasses, but where do you begin? After you have had your exam and know your new prescription, you must choose frames for your glasses. You now face a major decision point: will you choose designer frames or regular frames? Before you reach for the Calvin Klein pair thinking that they are definitely better quality than the identical generic model, you need to know what the differences between regular and designer eyeglasses really are.

Designer Frames Are All About the Name

Is there a difference in quality between designer eyeglasses and regular eyeglasses? Unless you are shopping at an extremely poor discount shop, chances are the quality between the two types of glasses is pretty similar. Sure, the Christine Dior frames may last a little longer, but when you compare that to the price you pay for the frames, you are not going to save much money.

In reality, the main difference between designer frames and regular frames is in the name. You feel great knowing that you are wearing some great designer’s glasses. After all, not all of your friends can say that they are wearing Prada glasses, can they?

Sometimes this name is evident on the glasses themselves. You may find that your favorite designer has its logo on the frames in a visible place. If this is important to you, then you will want to consider designer frames. Otherwise, you will probably be just as happy with a similar pair of regular glasses.

Consider Warranties

One difference between designer frames and some cheaper regular frames is the warranty. If you can find a designer that offers a warranty on its frames, this is a great option. You can always have new lenses placed in the frames if you really love them and they have a good warranty. You may not find this same warranty on a discount pair.

What About Style?

Perhaps you think that you have to buy designer eyeglasses to get a certain style. Unless the style is very new to the industry, chances are the companies that manufacture regular eyeglasses have already made a similar frame. Copying is the name of the game in the world of eyeglasses, and you, as the consumer, can benefit by finding a great looking pair of eyeglasses for a great price.

Lenses Make a Difference

The factor that really makes the difference between good and poor quality in a pair of eyeglasses is the lenses. Buying the extras, like scratch coating and shatter resistant materials, can make your glasses last much longer. Consider using the savings you will get by not buying designer frames to spend a little more on the lenses, as this will increase the lifespan of the pair of glasses.

Beware of Junk

While designer frames and their regular counterparts are usually of the same quality, you can find junk out there. Some frames that come at a huge discount are not worth anything. They break easily and are made out of poor quality materials.

Telling the difference between junky frames and good ones at a decent price is not easy. Until you actually use the glasses, you will not be able to tell how durable they are. For this reason, many consumers turn to designer frames because they are assured that they get good quality.

Instead, build a relationship with an eye doctor that you trust. Have the doctor tell you which frames are made of good quality, and which ones you should avoid. Only a trained professional will be able to tell the difference, and with your doctor’s help, you can have a great pair of durable frames at a low price.