How Do You Know If You Need Glasses?

Knowing whether or not you need glasses may sound like a very simple thing to figure out, but it could be a bit more difficult than you might think. Your eyesight may be degenerating very slowly, so slowly that you grow accustomed to how you view things and never even know that any change has taken place. Some common symptoms that will let you know that you may need glasses are: your sensitivity to light, unexplainable headaches and overly “tired eyes”.

If you go from a room that is dark into an area of light and you find that it takes your vision an exceedingly long period to recover from the change, or if you see “halos” or have other inconsistencies in your vision while it’s adjusting it may be a sign that your vision needs some correction.

If you seem to be suffering from frequent headaches or migraines that don’t seem to have any association with allergies, illness any other form of injury or ailment it could mean that you need to have corrective lenses to help your vision. Extended periods of over exertion by the eyes, trying to compensate for weakened vision can lead to frequent headaches.

If your eyes themselves feel weak and tired in what seems to be a shorter time period after participating in things like reading or viewing a computer screen, it could be time to have your eyes examined to see if corrective lenses might be the answer to your problem.

Most people don’t follow the prerequisite suggestion of having their eyes examined by a professional at least once every two years. Visiting a qualified optometrist is really the only accurate way to determine if you need any level of vision correction and what course of action may be necessary in order to get you seeing properly again. Many people wait until it’s difficult for them to see something that is directly in front of their face before they bother making an appointment with a qualified eye care profession, and then they seems surprised by just how bad their vision is.

The truth of the matter is that far more people walking around need glasses or sometime of correction than actually have any. For some it’s the desire to remain free from the shackles of glasses and contacts for others it’s the fact that they’ve lived with their vision problems for so long that they truly believe that how they are seeing is normal and don’t feel that they need vision correction.

There are a number of reasons that visiting your eye care professional is of the utmost importance. Firstly, knowing that you have a vision problem and taking the steps to have it corrected could be crucial to your survival – be able to see clearly and be able to react promptly while doing one of life’s most common activities, driving, could literally spell the difference between life and death – you need to be able to quickly identify all traffic signs and signals while traveling in order to be the safest driver that you can be, and it’s very difficult to do that with poor vision.

Having your vision problems corrected could also do wonders for your health. Not having to labor to see every little thing will result in less headaches, less migraines, less back and neck aches plus have you feeling more alert and awake overall. Your performance will most likely improve at work as well as is any hobbies you enjoy that require fine detail.

Properly identifying vision problems on your own is impossible, in order to really know if you need glasses it’s necessary to have an exam at the office of an eye care professional. Even if you had no problems when you visited the optician at an appointment three years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your eyes are problem free today, regardless of how well you believe that you see if it’s been more than two years since your last eye exam you should schedule one soon to be safe.

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