How Modern Eyeglasses Can Update Your Look

If you are looking to update your wardrobe but don’t have thousands to spend on replacing everything then you should look into getting new glasses. Your eyeglasses can really say a lot about your style and the type of person you are, so changing your frames could really be the change you need to feel like a whole new person.

Updating Your Glasses

Maybe your eyeglasses are several years old and when you bought them they were the latest trend, but that trend has now faded and you are just feeling old-fashioned and out of date when you look into the mirror. Well don’t fret! There are plenty of new styles of eyeglasses that will give you a fabulous modern look and feel for far less than buying new clothes.

Frame Styles

If you are the artistic type you should look into frames that have geometric designs and thicker frames. While it used to be true that plastic frames were nerdy now these plastic looking multi-colored laminate frames are stylish and comfortable to wear. The difference in a persons look when they switch from old-fashioned wire rimmed glasses to plastic frames with modern shapes is incredible. You will feel like a whole new person right away. It’s a lot like the feeling you get when you drastically change your hair, fresh, clean, modern.

Frame Colors

If you aren’t quite ready for the big unusually shaped frames you can still update your look by choosing a new color. Red metal frames look modern and classy on almost anyone. Even just choosing to use a brighter metal for women in the same style and size frame will brighten up the face.

For men choosing a new darker metal like silver, black or gunmetal will change your look while still going with all the clothes you already own. Buying a new pair of glasses can be a little bit like getting a make over without the full cost. This is especially the case if you rely heavily on your glasses.


If you wear your glasses all of the time but you are the type of person who likes variety you might want to get a couple of styles of glasses. By having a couple different pairs you can easily change your look. You may want one look at the office, but a different look for the evening. Or you may want a couple pairs for different uses, for example one for working on the computer and one for more active outdoor activities.

Having the right glasses to fit your look and lifestyle is important, especially if you wear them everyday.

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