How To Avoid Buying Fake Designer Eyewear Online

Designer eyewear is an ecommerce favorite. People buy eyewear on auction sites such as eBay elsewhere as much as they buy any other fashion accessories. Unfortunately this particular market has been plagued by fraudulent marketers of ersatz designer eyewear. Here are some tips for avoiding a dud purchase of false-label eyewear.

1. Look carefully at the photos.

Never buy an item without seeing a very detailed picture first. If the eyewear is fake you will soon see pick it up from the photo. Top designer eyewear has great detail, great finishes.

2. Take your cue from the manufacturer.

Always start your eyewear search at the website of the manufacturer of your favorite brand of eyewear. Look carefully at the photos there. Compare these with the photos on other eyewear and auction websites such as eBay. Beware of identical photos copied directly from the manufacturer’s website. Compare the specifications of the product to the manufacturer’s specifications. Obviously they should match.

3. Price.

Real, genuine designer eyewear is expensive. If the price is extremely low then the eyewear is probably a fake.

4. Is there a warranty?

The manufacture generally offers a warranty via its distributors, so the presence of an after sales service offer in the item description is a good indicator for a genuine product.

5. Check the extras.

Genuine designer eyewear usually comes with the manufacturer’s designer case and a branded cloth. Make sure the offer you are considering includes these.

6. Where is the seller?

It is a proven fact that over 80% of fake eyewear originates in the Far East. Don’t be taken in by the big names such as Chanel, Dior and Prada from Far East distributors. There are some genuine dealers but you should be suspicious of sellers who offer a whole list of designer eyewear.

7. Check buyer feedbacks or customers reviews.

The feedback on eBay and other auction sites is there for a purpose. Check this to find out whether previous buyers were satisfied with the designer eyewear they received. Look out for mentions of poor quality products or products that were never received. You can also learn a lot from the seller’s replies to negative feedback. The genuine eyewear seller will be worried about their reputations!