How to Choose Eyeglasses to Fit Your Lifestyle

Choosing a style of glasses to suit your lifestyle can be fun and flexible because of the wide variety of styles that are out there. When making a decision it is important to consider who you are, what you like to do, and where you like to go.

When you review the options that are out there be sure to look carefully at the colors, textures, shape and price. All these factors will instrumental in your decision making process. When you look in the mirror examine the shape of your face. Choose a frame that is a compliment and not a distraction to your basic features, shape of face and skin color. If you have wide set eyes, a pale complexion and large face stay away from delicate, light frame colors. Instead choose a frame that has a little more bulk and a color that will enhance your skin tone.

Also, if you are a quiet person that does not like a lot of attention you probably do not want to choose a brightly colored plastic frame. On the other hand if you are a person that wants to walk in a room and command immediate attention and respect you might want a little drama and glasses are a great place to achieve it.

The kind of life you live can also influence your frame selection. If you are active and physical in your day to day activities you will want a frame that is durable that will withstand action. Good choices for frame materials if you’re active are titanium and flex titanium, the latter being especially resilient and retaining its shape even after being noticeably bent. Plastic (also called Zyl) may also be a good choice. You should stay away from fragile frames such as semi-rimless and rimless, especially drill mount rimless where the lens can crack is the frame is stressed too much. And for particularly active people, you’ll probably want to with a polycarbonate lens – it’s the same material that bullet proof glass is made of, and is particularly resistant to fractures or shattering.

The best news of all is that you are not restricted to one style or one look. The day is long and filled with various activities. You can now have eyeglasses for every activity you participate in. When you start the day grab a pair of basic functional glasses to have your first cup of coffee. Then you can choose your business attire for the day and put on a sleek style to wear to the office. After work you will probably change your clothes to go out for the evening and your eyeglasses will be changed as well. Perhaps you will want to go a little more funky and edgy for evening wear with friends and family. Or perhaps you are attending an elegant dinner party and want to match the mood of the evening. Simply allow your fashion and lifestyle to influence you in selecting your eyeglasses and you are always ready.

For example, I wear a pair of rimless metal frames to the office, will switch to a heavier red plastic frame (you can see it in my profile picture) for activities with the kids or weekend shopping, and I have another pair that’s an elegant metal frame for certain evening occasions like dinner with my husband. Have fun with it – switch it up!