How To Fix Your Glasses At Home?

There are a few reasons as to why we may need to make minor changes/fixings to a new or existing pair of eyeglasses. Sometimes when you receive a brand new pair of glasses – particularly if you ordered them online – the frames are slightly off your facial structure. Also, after using a pair of glasses faithfully overtime, they may simply become a bit warped or faulty with a screw becoming loose. It can be such a pain to haul all the way over to your eye doctor’s office – and worse, they may charge you for minor adjustments. While there are certainly circumstances that require immediately seeking professional repairs – like if anything happens to the lenses, or the frame itself actually breaks – others simply don’t. Here are a few tips on how to fix up some minor flaws using household objects!

While this is a guide to help you fix your glasses should they need some minor adjustment, you want to make sure that you do not do any kind of permanent damage to them! Therefore, should your glasses actually be broken (or worse, anything is wrong with your lenses), the best advice is to head straight to your local optical shop. If you try to fix them yourself, any warranty you might have had may no longer be seen as applicable.

When buying new eyeglasses frames, it is sometimes very common that they feel a bit lopsided – this is actually very normal. While metal frames are a bit easier to bend and mold into your needed shape, plastic frames can also comply with your needs. If the frames are a bit crooked, put the glasses under warm water and [always] gently bend the temples back into place. To determine whether they are level or not, you can either place them on the table or what may be better is to compare them to your specific needs – as your face may not be perfectly symmetrical.

What about when your glasses are old enough to begin giving you slight problems, but you simply aren’t ready to go and get a new pair yet? The prescription and lens needs haven’t yet changed, but it feels as though the arms are slowly coming apart. Fear not for you won’t be forced to upgrade your glasses just yet! When one of your screws comes loose, just get your smallest flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver and [again] gently tighten the screw. Be sure to do this while your glasses are laying with the arms out – fully open. Once you’re done, if you feel that the hinge is too tight when you try closing the arms, you’re probably right! Try unscrewing it just a tiny bit and you should be fine. If this problem persists, put a touch of clear nail polish on the screw before repeating the process; much like glue, the polish will hold the screw tight without adding further damage to your glasses!

Whether you buy cheap glasses – or spend a fortune, you can’t always expect that they will withstand the test of time. Try these suggestions the next time your glasses frames are giving you any trouble & try fixing the problem yourself!