How to Look Good in Glasses Frames and Lenses

As fashions come and go, like the seasons, even timeless fashion classic items like pearls, LBD’s and sunglasses need to remain fashionable. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses is very important in bright sunlight, even in the UK, otherwise the glare of the sun makes us screw our faces into all contortions, let alone the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays on our eyes. Today, sunglasses come in many styles and everyone is able find a suitable pair to buy that will look good and be fashionable too.

Have you ever wanted to buy a gorgeous pair of fashionable wraparound sunglasses and been told by your optician that you could not have your prescription put in that particular frame? Well, now you can, Sun Wrap Polarised sun lenses have been specifically designed using asphericity to adjust the optical centres to the correct position for wraparound or oversized sunglasses. Sun Wrap is polarised as standard and has the advantage of being supplied in Polycarbonate. Sun Wrap provides 85% light absorption and full UVA and UVB protection. Light absorption is the amount of sunlight blocked by the Polarising tint on the lens. Wraparound sun lenses also come in both single vision and varifocal options.

Taking care of your eyes and protecting them from glaring sunshine is very important, but not only do sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful rays, they also act as a barrier against pollen from trees and grass. By wearing wraparound sunglasses, this helps stop the pollen from getting in our eyes.