How to Properly Take Care of Your Most Prized Authentic Designer Sunglasses – A Must Read

Just invested on a pair of designer sunglasses? To make sure you prolong the life of your investment, it is very important to take proper care of your sunglasses. Here is how.

So you just bought yourself those designer sunglasses you have been dreaming about since you-don’t-remember-when, congratulations! You love how your designer sunglasses accent your personal style, and you love the stares as you walk by the sidewalk. At this time, you probably are treating them as the most prized possession there is, which is just right since your designer sunglasses are investment worth keeping.

If you want to prolong the life of your investment and make the most out of the hundreds of dollars you spent, you have to take care and protect them by all means. How do you properly take care of your designer sunglasses?

First and foremost, you must take care not to get any form of scratches on their lenses as well as in the surface of the frames. This means that you only put them on soft surfaces, preferably inside a sturdy case. Women generally have the habit of leaving sunglasses inside a purse without a case, while men usually just stash them in their pockets. These are definite no-no’s for your designer sunglasses or you will end up with scratched or worse, cracked lenses. If the case is not included when you bought the eyewear, it is very important that you invest in a good quality hard case that properly snaps shut for storing your sunglasses.

When your shades gather dust, you will need to clean them properly with a solution of clean water, a bit of soap and some alcohol. Be careful not to use a regular cloth, tissue or towel when cleaning as these fabrics may easily scratch your expensive sunglasses. Instead, use a soft cotton-based cloth such as chamois and to rub them gently onto the surface of your shades.

It is also a good idea to invest in sunglass cleaning kits available in department stores and eyewear shops. It usually consists of a cleaning solution proven to work effectively for expensive shades and a soft cloth contained in a carrying case.

Where you store your sunglasses is crucial. Make sure you don’t leave them in places where it can be exposed to heat, as they can get out of shape or even melt in the case of plastic shades. If you bought the polarized type of designer sunglasses, heat can deteriorate the polarized protection and damage the tiny. Most importantly, make sure you do not put them in a place where you will be bound to forget or leave them.

Designer sunglasses obviously is an investment, so they need utmost care and protection. If you are afraid that you might not be able to properly care for them, why not get yourself a pair of replica sunglasses for everyday regular use? Reserve your authentic designer shades for days that actually matter. Getting yourself some alternative eyewear for regular use lessens the risk of damaging your expensive sunglasses so you can prolong its life even longer.

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