How to Repair Glasses Frames

If you’ve ever sat on your eyeglasses or dropped them on the ground, you’re probably aware of the damage that can result from everyday mishaps. Eyeglass frames can become loose, twisted or snapped due to daily wear and tear. An eye care professional should fix major damage, but you can resolve minor issues at home using a special frame repair kit and household products.

things you’ll need:
Magnifying glass
Eyeglass repair kit
Clear tape
Hot glue gun
1 Determine the location of the damage by examining the frame under a magnifying glass. Typically, eyeglass frames experience trauma at the hinges, bridge and earpieces.

2 Tighten loose screws at each hinge using the screwdriver included in your eyeglass repair kit. These kits are readily available at pharmacies and are stocked with everything you need for minor frame repair.

3 Replace any missing screws using the new screws included in the kit. The screw size for eyeglasses is universal; however, if the included screws do not fit into your frames, avoid forcing a fit. Your eye care professional can replace lost screws free of charge.

4 Tighten the screws holding the nose pads in place using your screwdriver. These pads can loosen over time, causing your glasses to sit incorrectly on your face. For lost pads, select a similarly-sized pad from your kit and screw into place.

5 Wrap clear plastic tape around a broken bridge. While this fix is unsightly, it is a temporary solution that will give you the time required to make an appointment with your eye care professional for proper repair.

6 Rejoin a broken bridge by using a small drop of hot glue. Hold the frame together, applying pressure to the joint, until the glue has dried. The glued frame should last for several months, if kept dry and used gently. Eventually, the frames will require replacement or professional repair.

7 Hold the earpieces in place using a dab of hot glue. Spread a small amount of glue onto a toothpick then insert the toothpick into the plastic earpiece to coat the interior. Push the earpiece onto the arm of the glasses and hold until dry.

8 Visit your eye care professional for an assessment of the frame damage. Temporary fixes may extend the life of your broken glasses, but a professional should repair serious damage. The results will be longer-lasting and many repairs are done free of charge.

Tips & Warnings
Avoid getting glue on your lenses. Protect them by covering them in clear plastic wrap or masking tape.