Is Improved Sight Without Glasses Possible?

Glasses are often not something anyone wants to wear. Thank goodness that glasses have come a long way in design and can actually be a fashion accessory these days. Can you really improve your sight without glasses?

Most of us are lost if we misplace our glasses. They have become a crutch that we cannot live without, so when we can’t find them, we panic. Some people actually have a legal notation on their driver’s license that states they require glasses to drive. How did it come to this? Glasses are not a solution to the problem, they simply help with the symptom.

The main reason many of us end up need glasses is that we have strained and stressed our eyes beyond their capacity. We have forgotten how to “relax” our eyes and this has led to a dependence on glasses. Glasses help our eyes to focus without actually having to do the work, so it is hard to imagine great sight without glasses.

Today’s society has set us up for stressful and busy lives. If you never get a chance to relax and decompress from your daily grind, you soon suffer the effects of stress. Some of the symptoms are weight gain, headaches, inability to sleep and vision issues.

You may have never considered that stress is the main cause of your vision problems, but if you think about it, it is true. From a very early stage, we are taught to fixate and stare at things. This is a very unhealthy practice. Staring at things causes undue stress on our eyes. You can improve your sight without glasses by learning how to relax your entire body, including your eyes. Your eyes are operated with a network of muscles and when those muscles become strained, your vision is affected.