Is it Possible to See Without Glasses?

They say that eyes are the window of the soul. But what if your eyesight is not at its best anymore? Does it still live up to its reputation?

So far the eyes are considered to be one of the most important organs in a human body, and the sense of eyesight is the most important among the five! As we grow old, our vision will definitely degrade. So you are relying on eyeglasses and contact lenses. But the thing is, sometimes they are not convenient. Here is the question you pose yourself: Does your eyesight actually have to become poorer?

Your glasses in most cases do not help you enough. Eye glasses or lenses are artificial devices that only aid your eyes to see clearly but does not cure them. It is more comfortable to see things without any hassle especially when you are driving, playing outdoor games or doing heavy works. Can you still remember the first time you visited your eye doctor? Most probably they just advised you right away to get a pair of glasses?

It is sad that some doctors do not give us all the information that we need. Do you know that the eyes have their natural healing power and it is possible to see clearly without glasses? Let me give you some tips to help your eyes see without glasses!

It is sad to know that people lost their perfect eyesight due to bad habits and stress. Human body is perfectly capable to heal naturally and that includes the eyes. It is important that you should do something to take care of your eyes and have faith in the natural healing process to bring back perfect vision and to avoid scary and expensive surgery.

The perfect tips are as follows:

• Rest your eyes every 30 minutes after tiring eye activities such as reading books, watching TV or computer.
• Maximize time period each without using glasses, and train your eyes to focus naturally.
• Do eye exercises such as eye ball rotations, and focusing on a solid and wide objects.
• Eyes should receive the nutrients it needs, like all types of fruits and vegetables to improve eyesight. Carrots and fish are highly recommended.
• Doctors recommend us not to read books right after meals.
• Stop mental tensions! “Strain to see is due to strain of the mind.” Mental stress is mainly the cause of poor eyesight.
• Change focus as frequently as possible to maintain its flexibility especially when doing something like reading or sewing. Your eye muscles tend to get fatigued when they are forced to focus over a certain object at a given distance constantly.
• Blinking helps your eyes secrete tears and when it gets wet it helps it focus exactly.

I myself depended on eyeglasses before but after following these very simple tips plus leading a healthy lifestyle for a couple of weeks my eyes improved greatly. Following these guidelines for some time, you might even end up throwing your glasses on the garbage!