Maintaining Your Eyeglass Involves Keeping Them Clean and Safe

Enjoying good and correct vision is essential for the development of youngsters. The student life of a human being puts a lot of stress and load upon the eyes. Youngsters suffering from improper vision must take steps to improve their vision, as possible.

They should make use of either:
o Traditional eyeglasses or
o Modern eyeglasses or
o Contact lenses to correct their vision.

Eyeglasses need proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Read ahead for more information on taking good care of your eyewear.

How To Keep Your Eyewear Clean

a. An eyeglass is nothing but a piece of glass attached to a frame. Just as you can wash windows with soap and water, you can wash your eyeglass using a soap solution.

b. Regularly cleaning the eyewear using soap water will keep the eyewear free of dust, dirt and grime. Further, it will ensure that your vision remains crystal clear. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of the lenses.

c. Wipe your eyewear with a soft cloth and nothing else. Never use just any cloth to wipe your eyeglasses. Using old scrap cloth or towel or a rag will lead to scratches on the lens and will reduce the clarity of vision.

d. Do not hesitate to clean your eyeglasses even in public. While carrying soap solution in your bag may not be feasible, you can carry quality eyeglass liquid cleaner to ensure that the lens can be cleaned as soon as it becomes dirty.

e. If you can spare the cash, get an eyeglass cleaning box kit to ensure that your eyeglasses remain spotless even when you are on the move. These kits make great gift ideas as well.

f. Wearing a shiny pair of eyeglasses can help in making a good impression on the cute girl you have a crush on. Carry some Isopropyl alcohol in your bag at all times.

g. Simply spray the solution on the lens and wipe it off to make your glasses shine.

h. Have a pack of soft tissues or towels in your bag specifically for the purpose of cleaning the eyeglasses. This is the golden rule of eyeglass maintenance. Do not treat your eyeglass like the glass fixed in the windows at your home

Some Tips To Extend The Life Of Eyewear

o Hold both the ear rails when removing your eyewear. This helps in retaining the original shape of the frame.
o Keep the eyeglasses wrapped in pure cotton cloth to ensure they remain protected in case of a fall.
o Store the eyeglasses in a protective case if not in use. Avoid unintentional damage by such precautions.
o Do not let your eyeglass rest on its lenses. Make sure the lenses face upwards at all times.

Repair Eyeglass In A Jiffy

A simple eyeglass repair kit will help you repair damaged eyeglasses in a jiffy. Read ahead for some more tips:
o A set of tiny pliers will help straighten out bent frames.
o A strong adhesive will help stick broken hinges and other frame parts.
o A few tiny screws will help you fix the lens firmly to the frame at all times.