New Improved Daily Wear Contact Lenses

There are different terminologies regarding the types of contact lenses. Lens that are used temporally for daily wear and replaced or disposed off after a specified period of time are termed as disposable contact lenses. A doctor advises to reinstate the contact lenses to maintain the smooth functioning of the eye.

Daily wear contact lenses are available in many categories. Some are those that are substituted after every two weeks or even earlier. Frequent contact lenses are exchanged after a month or even quarterly. People frequently face two kinds of mystification i.e. about the replacement schedule and wearing schedule intervals. Daily wear contact lens manufacturers constantly work on improving contact lenses. The objective is to produce lenses that you can wear all day long without any danger or discomfort to your eyes. Daily wear contact lens quality has seriously improved over the last few years. See how modern daily wear contact lenses can help your eyes to feel and see well.

You Need to Take Care about Daily wear Contact Lenses:

Owing to the character of daily wear contact lenses and the fact that they cover a portion of the eye, there are specific care instructions that should be heeded, regardless of the type of material from which they’re constructed. In addition to washing and drying your hands before handling daily wear contact lenses, you should also be sure to insert and remove them correctly; only apply make-up (carefully) after contacts have been inserted; use the specific solutions that your doctor has recommended; avoid rubbing your eyes while daily wear contact lenses are being worn; don’t place your daily wear contact lenses on a warm surface, since they may melt; avoid wearing contacts when under a hair dryer or around harsh chemical fumes; don’t use saliva to moisten contacts for insertion; and avoid inserting daily wear contact lenses without disinfecting them. These and many other guiding principles will keep your eyes healthy and prolong the life of your daily wear contacts.

Durable Daily Wear Contact Lenses:

Common category of daily wear contact lenses is the soft contact lens. These are prepared from a softer plastic – called hydro gel – which makes them more contented to wear, but are less long-lasting than those of the hard lens line. The water content in soft daily wear contact lenses is higher than that of the hard lens – from 25% to 79% – allowing a better flow of oxygen to the cornea. Due to the fact that the material is exceedingly porous, infections and eye irritation are more common. This happens when dust, protein and bacteria cause infectivity of the daily wear lenses, which are pushed against the facade of the cornea. Gas permeable daily wear contact lenses are more inflexible than the soft lenses, but are made of the type of plastic that allows oxygen to reach the cornea and are easier to take care of, put in and remove than the softer version.

This type of contact lens correct most vision problems and are now approved for daily wear.