Over Glasses – Turn Your Spectacles Into Sunglasses

Whether you call them Over Glasses, Fit Over Sunglasses, Cover All Sunglasses, Cover Over Sunglasses or OTG (Over The Glasses) Sunglasses, they are an extremely cost effective way for spectacle wearers to obtain protection from the sun. Practical, stylish and always ready to wear, perfect for people who want the benefits of complete sun protection whilst wearing their prescription glasses. They’re unisex, lightweight and easy to slip over your spectacles.

Most Over Glasses have extra lenses built into the temples, giving a wider field of vision, and high sides which provides superior peripheral protection from harmful UV rays and the elements. They’re available with tinted and mirrored lenses, contrast enhancing copper driving lenses, glare-blocking polarised lenses, shatterproof safety glass and even UV activated photochromic lenses.

Over Glasses provide excellent all round UV protection, up to 40% more than most ordinary sunglasses, and can be used for a wide range of activities including walking, hiking, fishing, sailing, bowling, golf, driving, motorcycling, skiing and even light industrial use.

Polarised Over Glasses
Polarised lenses cut glare reflected off flat surfaces such as water, roads and snow. They are especially popular amongst fishermen because they remove the reflected glare off the waters surface allowing you see down below the surface of the water. A polarised lens filters direct light and eliminates polarised light allowing the wearer to see light in its pure state. Objects appear more defined, sharper and naturally coloured. Instead of squinting to minimise glare, a polarised lens allows your eyes to see colours with true clarity.

Driving Over Glasses
Copper driver lenses provide sharper contrast, filter out blue light and reduce road glare whilst preserving a natural colour balance for comfortable viewing in the day-light. Driver lenses relax the eye muscles to reduce stress while driving.

Tinted and Mirrored Over Glasses
Over Glasses with tinted and mirrored lenses are suitable for most outdoor activities. Available tints include super-dark black, grey smoke, brown and yellow. They offer full UV protection and give excellent protection from sunlight and the elements.

Safety Over Glasses
Safety Over Glasses are made to high quality specifications in order to meet the requirements of the European CE EN-166-F and American ANSI Z87.1 standards. They must pass six different tests for optical quality plus three different tests for impact resistance including a test that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at over 100 mph and leaves no more than a dimple on the lens. Lenses are available with smoke, yellow and clear tints.

Padded Over Glasses
Over Glasses with padded frames are especially suitable for speed sports such as motorcycling, BMX, mountain biking, cycling, skating, skiing, snow boarding and skating. These lightweight cover-alls have a “cushion” foam padding on the inside of the frame to fit snug to your face and protect against wind, dust, debris and bugs. People who suffer from certain eye complaints such as dry eye syndrome have also found padded sunglasses useful because they reduce drafts around the eyes.

In summary, there is now a wide range of Over Glasses in today’s market place. These are available in a variety sizes, styles, lens types and frame colours to suit most outdoor and leisure activities

We started up a UK based online sunglasses business many years ago motivated by the lack of choice of affordable good quality sunglasses in a market dominated by premium eyewear brands both online and on the high street. From the outset it was clear that there was a large demand for fit-over sunglasses, i.e sunglasses that can be worn over prescription spectacles. Mainly, it seemed, due to the lack of interest opticians had for selling such products. Their main aim being to sell a pair of much more expensive prescription sunglasses. This approach is problematic to most spectacle wearers particularly those with complex prescriptions or those who demand different lenses for different uses e.g. a pair for driving and a pair for general use. It is our aim to bring a wide range of Over Glasses to market which are suitable for just about any activity and in a variety of styles and sizes.