Plastic Reading Glasses Are Not Only Cheaper, They Also Come in Different Colors

Do you know that reading glasses are also considered accessories which can enhance your fashion sense? In fact, a lot of fashion conscious individuals list plastic reading glasses as part of their fashion accessories. As they also come in famous brands, they have a lot of choices to decide on. What is best about it is they are so affordable! Plastic reading glasses come in so many colors and they are very cheap. Most can be found over the counter and some women buy several of different colors to go with their outfits for the day. In fact, some women have one for every day of the week and they don’t feel the expense, they are that cheap.

However there are cons to buying the plastics, especially if the lenses are also plastic.

– Plastic get brittle as they age so minute cracks can cause the frames to break apart
– Plastic lenses can also get brittle and minute cracks can develop on them without the wearer realizing it. They only know something is wrong when they start feeling headaches and nausea.
– The color of the plastic can change over time especially if they are constantly exposed to bright light or sunlight
– Once there is a break on any part, they cannot be repaired, they could only be replaced.

So if there are a lot of cons, why are they so popular? Well, aside from the obvious affordability, they are very light. They are not like the metal rimmed frames which could cut into the ears where the temples rest and they are lighter on the bridge of the nose. They come is so many colors that they are a fashion statement all on their own They also come in designer brands which makes a lot of difference on the way the face looks with them on. Look for the plastic reading glasses in the local optician’s clinic. They should have a variety of colors and designs to choose from, ready to wear. Ask the clerk or technician which of them would best suit your prescription and to make sure that what you are getting is the right prescription. They should be able to guide you on how to test one or two out and what to do if there is an imbalance of the frame. They are the best people to ask for that is what they do for a living.

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