Prescription Glasses – How to Take Proper Care

Prescription glasses today tend to be quite expensive and they are also very delicate. Glasses are quite important since you would need them for simple everyday tasks like reading, watching television and driving. You cannot really afford replacing your glasses quite often or allowing them to get damaged often by not taking care of them. Cleaning your glasses takes more than wiping them off with a cloth. There are several precautions that you will have to take while cleaning them.

Do Not Dry Clean Your Glasses

Do not try to clean prescription glasses with just a cloth. You would need to use some type of liquid like a mild soap and water at room temperature so that the grime and the dirt would be cleaned from the lenses. If you just wipe them off with a dry cloth or even a tissue, it would only cause more harm. The dirt that would be present on the lenses would scratch the surface when you dry wipe them. If you continue this over time, the lenses would get damaged very soon. A better way of cleaning the glasses is to run the glasses under gentle tap water and then soap them gently with hands. Rinse the soap with water and then pat it dry. Do not rub your lenses dry since there still might be some dirt left which can scratch the lenses. Use a soft cloth which is lint free for the purpose.

Cleaning the Frames

Cleaning the prescription glasses also makes it necessary to clean the frames of the glasses since they might get dirty too pretty often. While dirty frames might not really affect the vision, but it is still important to keep them clean so that they look good on you. Cleaning the frames is quite similar to cleaning the lenses. Use the same precautions and the same process to clean the frames that you would be using when you clean your frames. Use water at room temperature with a mild soap and clean the frames with hand. Follow it by pat drying the frames so that they do not get scratched.

Clean Often

Lenses and frames of glasses would keep getting dirty often since you also wear them on a regular basis. Every once in a while it is important to take them to an optician to get it professionally cleaned. The opticians have special machines which can clean the glasses effectively and safely. Not following a proper cleaning method for the glasses can harm your eyesight in the long run so it is quite important to follow the tips given above to clean them effectively. Keeping them clean is not really difficult since the process does not take too long and it is only a matter of minutes to keep them looking as good as new. Keeping prescription glasses clean will keep them functional for long.

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