Reading Glasses For The Fashion Savvy Boomers

Remember when a pair of hand painted reading glasses was all the rage? You might not have been wearing readers at that point, but if you did, these glasses looked like someone took the time to personally place their artistic talent on your eyeglass frames.

In reality, there were a few stamped designs placed on a cheap pair of plastic frames. Yet they were in style. Well today, the available styles have caught up with the fashion savvy marketplace.

Practically everyone over the age of 45 needs some sort of additional reading correction. And the 45 year olds today are a lot younger at heart than their parents were at age 45. With this new generation have come innovative senses styles and fashions. This includes everything from shoes and tops to sunglasses and, of course, reading glasses.

The over 40 group today is not ashamed of the fact that a little extra reading correction is needed. They revel in it. With funky, fun colored reading glass frames, and gimmicky new devices we are constantly amazed at the latest reading novelty.

For example, a company called pocket peeper has a credit card sized magnifying lenses that slip right into your wallet. These cards come with flashy designs and some even have embedded rhinestones. Another great item that has been brought back in a great new way is the lorgnette, or reading glasses sans frame. These wonderful pieces are the perfect accessory for that trendy woman.

When it comes to actual reading glass frames, there are colors and designs galore to choose from. You can find more styles of reading glasses to choose from at an online boutique, than you can find shoes in your best girlfriends’ closet.

Frames are designed off styles made famous by characters of the generation, such as Clark Kent and other nostalgic concepts. Or even colors that match that shag green carpet you grew up playing on. Eye Bobs in particular has brought back some colors in a whole new manner that will make you smile and reminisce each and every time you put them on.

Reading glasses have truly become the latest fashion accessory. So what are you doing still wearing those “hand painted” plastic frames? Or cheap metal frames from the dollar store with the missing nose pad? Put your fashion foot forward and enjoy a real pair of reading glasses.