Reading Glasses, How Does One Choose?

Shopping for reading glasses for the first time and not sure how to feel abut it or what to look for? You are young and active and can not believe your eyes suddenly can’t keep up. Your hip, stylish and active and want to make sure your glasses are too! With the huge variety of colors, shapes and materials available today your first shopping experience can be overwhelming. However, if you follow a few simple suggestions you should have no problem finding something just right.

Shape- Square, Oval, Round- What’s right? Overall you can narrow down your selection by eliminating anything that mimmicks the shape of your face. One should never mirror the shape of their face in the shape of their frame. The term blockhead could not be conveyed any clearer than a person with a somewhat square head choosing a rectangular or square frame. However, if this same square head chooses a round or softly curving frame some of their blockiness if counteracted so less noticeable. Likewise, someone with round chubby cheeks should never choose a circular frame unless they like being called baby face. An angular shaped frame offers contrast and offers instant maturation.

Color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue indigo, Violet- Why does there have to be so many colors anyway? How does one choose? Warm hues like orange, copper or red look great on warm skin and hair tones. Cool skin and hair tones should stick to cool colors like purple, blue or silver. Complimentary colors are also wonderful for accentuating ones eye color, a blue eye surrounded by an orange frame is instantly electrified..

Metal, Plastic, Frameless- Does it really matter? If you like a lightweight reader or a variety of colors, plastic is the material for you. They are usually molded in the bridge area so no annoying nose pads to dig in, but also not so great for those noses requiring a more custom fit. Metals are often heavier but also more durable. Frameless options are nearly fool proof when it comes to appearance. They look good on most everyone and come with either plastic or metal temple/bridge. Their only drawback is they can be somewhat delicate.

So, Shape, Color and Material, think about it. If you spend a few moments considering these three characteristics you might find your first reading glass shopping experience is not only painless, but fun. Who doesn’t like an opportunity to express who they are, your new reading glasses can do just that!