Reduce the Dependence on Prescription Eyeglasses

Wearing prescription eyeglasses is really a common practice among the modern individuals. Among all glass wearers, some use these corrective devices on a part-time basis while the others rely on these spectacles for a day long on a regular basis. According to many eye care professionals, a complete dependence on prescription eyeglasses is not a healthy practice for the eyes. Even if it is impossible to discard corrective glasses completely, never cover the eyes constantly with eyeglasses. The following are detailed reasons.

Firstly, the minus eyeglasses are considered the worst because they cause most damage to the eyes. In detail, minus eyeglasses make everything look smaller and the objects look closer. Near-point stress will easily be caused because the eye’s natural lens behind corrective lens will try to accommodate more than usual while reading or writing. The abnormal visual effect caused by minus lenses lock the wearer’s sight in a fixed state defined by the lens’s power or the wearer’s prescription. As a result, the eye muscles will suffer stiffening and staring. Secondly, plus eyeglasses in contrast make everything look bigger and farther away. In this way, near-point stress can be eliminated. Based on this theory, there are proponents who recommend the use of plus eyeglasses while doing any close work.

Spectacles are hardly a good thing if there is still any other solution. Some people think they look distinguished with glasses. That is not the case. Natural beauty is always better than its acquired counterpart. Eyeglasses with different powers will certainly cause everything to look distorted. This is even more obvious when a lens has a high power. Even contact lenses have similar shortcomings. If it is possible to walk down the street, ride a car as a passenger or read without the help from prescription eyeglasses, it is advisable to take off these devices. Over time, certain degrees of vision can be regained.