Relearning to See – Would You Like to Throw Away Your Glasses?

Relearning to see can be done through a regular program of eye relaxation techniques and eye exercises. If we have constant mental strain whilst we work, it causes us to stare, rather than move our eyes. This constant staring creates more eye tension, eventually leading to poor eyesight. By regularly practicing some brief relaxation suggestions, it is possible to improve our eyesight by relieving this tension.

Children are a good example of noting the strain we experience when we work. When young children attend kindergarten, they are excited and enthusiastic about being there. Consider now the difference between the young enthusiastic child, and a high school student who often dislikes attending another year of school. Some students may object to returning to school for another year, because of their dislike for lit. The difference between the two is that the child at kindergarten enjoys the time they spend there. Their natural curiosity is satisfied, and their daily activities are interesting for them. However, for the high school student, it is a more disciplined program. They are forced to spend hours every day learning and memorizing new subject material, even though some subjects may not be of interest to them. When subjects are uninteresting to a student, it produces addition concentration, and eye strain and mental tension is often the result.

As adults, our eyes too strain when we are working on subject material that we have little interest in. An example would be an analytical report, or repeatedly doing the same concentrated task for a long period of time. As the task needs to be completed, it is important that we learn how to cope with this extra concentration by learning how to rest our eyes.

Dr. William Bates, a renowned eye doctor, found a method to help school children rest their eyes. The method he used was hanging a large poster sized card that was covered in common shapes known by the school children. This poster was hung at the front of the schoolroom. The children had the chance to look at the card when they were experiencing tiredness or feeling overwhelmed. This gave the children a chance to relax their eyes, and is in fact an important aspect in relearning to see. Without this eye relaxation, the tension in the eyes continues to increase, and our eyesight continues to deteriorate. The end result is that to try and get over the obstacle of unclear vision, glasses are usually purchased to enable us to continue being able to see the work clearly.

There is an alternative approach to eye glasses that will help improve your eyesight, and this is to look for something large that is familiar to our eyes, and look at this every now and again. When your eyes are familiar with an object, it allows them to relax, and it is this relaxation which is so important to help us have clear vision. Dr. Bates also created a set of eyesight exercises, and these exercises will also contribute in helping you in relearning to see properly.