Remove Those Glasses Through The Aid of Lasik Eye Surgery

Getting treatment for any minor or major disease has become easier because of the sophistication and advancement in the field of medical sciences. However, people are still apprehensive about getting treatment through these procedures especially when one has to undergo lasik eye surgery. In fact, it is gaining popularity amongst many people who want to get rid of their eye problems immediately.

Lasik is a type of refractive laser surgery for correcting various eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. With the help of it, the patient feels lesser pain in comparison to the conventional surgeries. Many patients choose it as an alternative to wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Hence, lasik eye surgery is getting popular for its hassle-free treatment. It is in fact, a surgery that usually takes less than one minute per eye and also helps in reshaping the cornea. It is ideal for people who are dependant on glasses or contact lenses. But before the person undergoes surgery, many things have to be taken are of. The patient has to be above 18 years in age with healthy eyes, stable refraction of the eye, not on prescribed drugs, and even pregnant or nursing mother are taken into consideration. It is not recommended for people who suffer from various degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

However, a patient should inform the doctor about his or her medical history before opting for this surgery. The preparation for lasik eye surgery begins well in advanced at least two weeks before the surgery. It is mandatory to stop wearing the soft and hard contact lenses before the initial check-ups. In fact, usage of creams, lotions and cosmetics on the face and eyes are strict no no prior to the surgery. Once the patient is ready for the surgery, then a computer along with a low wattage laser is used for scanning and mapping the cornea. This information creates a map of the cornea and it helps the computer to determine its exact shape. The surgeon uses this information to calculate the exact amount and depth of corneal tissue to be removed during the operation to give it a right shape. The doctor uses an antibiotic to minimize the infection before the procedure.

During the surgery, the patient is mildly sedated and rested in room that has a lasik laser system. Well the procedure is conducted in two steps, firstly a ring is placed on the eye and high pressure is applied to it in order to create suction on the cornea whereas the second step involves the use of eximer laser to vaporize the stromal tissue in an extremely controlled manner, in order not to damage the adjacent stroma. When a tissue is remolded, the flap is replaced in its original position and is held there through natural adhesion until healing occurs. But one has to take good care of the eyes post surgery by avoiding the rubbing of eyes and using contact lenses. The patient should be aware of the fact that this procedure is irreversible. However, the lasik eye surgery is safe and advancements have taken place since its invention.