Rimless Eyeglass – A Delicate Fashion Statement

In this walk, rimless eyeglasses are a new contribution of the industry. It gives you the feeling of comfort as well as a sophisticated and smart look. It is kind of eye gear which gives a feel that you are not wearing anything but something special.

Rimless glasses tell its feature in its name. It is a special kind of glass which doesn’t contain so called metal or plastic rim to hold the glass and that gives it a new look and makes it more lightweight. When you wear a rimless glass your eyes, eyebrows and forehead are clearly visible and that gives a special glassless look. It comes in a multiple range of colors and style.

According to buyer’s choice market has launched few particular type of rimless which is capable to fulfill their need completely. Groovy rimless glasses are one of the kinds of that which holds a groove cut. Instead of any solid rim it contains a transparent nylon string. It is similar to conventional rim glasses. That’s why it is known as semi rimless glasses. Drilled rimless is the second kind which has no rim at all. Instead the temples and bridges are fitted using screw by drilling the glass. And that is the reason for which the glasses used in this kind of rimless is thick so that it can hold the temple. These glasses are very delicate. Now a new kind is based on titanium. A titanium string is surrounded around the lens. And this is ten times lighter than other rimless. Durability of titanium gives this kind of glasses an extra life. Titanium rimless is serving best the terms of rimless. It gives you a perfect stylish look, durability and flexibility at a single time.

Rimless glasses are basically for delicate use. You can not just throw it on your bed after returning from your office. You have to carry a proper glass accessory. May be it gives a feel of nothing but it is also demands a little care.

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