Scary, Sexy, and Surreal – Popular Special Effect Contact Lenses Not Just For Halloween

Thinking of taking your evening persona to the next level? Why not check out some of the hottest special effect contact lenses gracing the club scene this year. Movie fans and underworld fanatics take heart – these lenses aren’t just for Halloween any more.

Vampire contacts – For the traditionalist or pragmatist who wants a lens that, like a little black dress or navy blue suit, goes with absolutely EVERYTHING, vampire contacts are the perennial favorite. Your basic vampire lenses consist of a one-color iris and black pupil. Find vampire lenses in blood red, ice blue, yellow, white, and orange.

Glow in the dark contact lenses – These lenses glow under black light. Perfect for clubs and parties. Black light contact lenses come in glowing pink, blue, yellow and green.

Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses – A little harder to find and more expensive than vampire contacts, Riddick contacts are mirrored, just like Vin Diesel’s character in the movie. Shop around at specialty FX lens studios like 9mmSFX to find these and expect to pay about $350.

Sexy contact lenses – Leading the pack of edgy contacts with a sexy, sultry feel is Angelic, a very popular light blue lens with a dark blue outer ring. But if pink’s your thing, try sexy pink contact lenses like Temptress. Both Angelic and Temptress contacts are available in both prescription and non-prescription powers.

Cat eye contact lenses – Like vampire contacts, cat eyes are versatile fun lenses that come in tons of colors. Be cute with a purple and yellow cat eye, or get freaky with banshee orange and yellow.

Finally some of the craziest contact lenses out there are full eye or scleral lenses. These lenses not only cover your iris, but a good portion of the whites as well. A full black sclera lens, for example, turns the entire eye black, which is perfect if you’re planning on being invaded by an alien life form any time soon. Scleral lenses are custom made and require more lead time to deliver.

Even though special effect contacts are fun accessories that you probably won’t wear all the time, they should still be handled, cleaned and stored properly in contact lens solution like regular lenses. Although it might seem tempting, DO NOT share special effect lenses with your friends, EVER. Sharing contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections.