Simple Ways to Keep Your Sunglasses Looking New

Take a look in any fashion magazine, watch any television show or go see your favorite movie and you will see that sunglasses are fashion trend that is here to stay. So many people are wearing glasses as a fashion statement to compliment their own personal style. So what is the secret to looking great in sunglasses? It is simple; properly taking care of your glasses will keep them looking great for a very long time.

Make sure you keep your sunglasses clean and sparkling. Nothing can ruin your look more than a pair of dirty glasses. Make sure to clean them every day. To make cleaning your sunglasses easy keep a bottle of eyeglass cleaner and a microfiber wiping cloth nearby to clean them quickly.

It is also very important to use a sunglass case. When you take your sunglasses off make sure you put them securely back in the case. Never put your glasses in your purse or pocket, if you do they are sure to get scratched and bent.

Never clean your glasses with your clothing. Abrasive particles in the fabric can scratch your lenses. Even paper towel can scratch delicate sunglass lenses. If you don’t have microfiber cleaning cloth a disposable moist towelette will keep your glasses sparkling like new.

Today’s sunglasses are extremely high tech and the lenses are thinner and usually have a coating on them to prevent glare. Don’t damage the coating by using house hold cleaners or extra strength dish soap. Always use eyeglass cleaner to clean your glasses since it is specially formulated to remove dirt, grease and finger prints from your sunglasses. Following these simple suggestions will keep you and your sunglasses looking great at all times.

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