Sunglass Protection for Eyes with Power

Sunglass can provide protection for eyes with power. If you are in need of power for reading, writing, playing or for other activities you can choose not to wear a general glass. You can also wear a sunglass with power.

You will get such a sunglass with power with a prescription from your eye specialist. Prescription sunglasses are made according to the prescription of the eye specialists. They prescribe the lenses and you can get one sunglass with the specification for you. They can offer sunglasses with regular eyeglasses. These sunglasses can provide more protection.

Different shapes and sizes of prescription sunglasses are available for you. They look like normal sunglasses. Now you do not have to leave the stylish look for your eye protection needs.

These sunglasses are available in different brands. Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Baby, Fossil etc are some of the prescription sunglasses.

For near sighted and far sighted people prescription sunglasses are needed. Eyes tests can reveal it. Ophthalmologist prescribes the power for the lenses to correct these problems. In case of astigmatism and presbyopia also sunglasses may be needed with power.

Sunglass can protect the eyes with power in case of blurred vision which is caused by problem with the focusing. Prescription sunglasses with power can correct this problem.

The power of the sunglasses varies according to the problem and the extent of the problem. Optical power is measured in diaptor. Power decides the thickness of the lens to be used in the sunglasses. Positive diaptor means convex lens which is needed for myopia correction and negative diaptor means converse lens needed for hypermetropia correction.