Super Effective Eye Exercises to Improve Vision – You Won’t Need Glasses Anymore!

If you want to improve your vision and restore your eyesight without restoring to LASIK, eye exercises are the way to go. Our eye sight has deteriorated as our eye muscles have weakened. Eye exercises are basically designed to strengthen the eye muscles so that you can enjoy natural healthy vision forever.

Do The Eye Exercises Work For All Conditions?

You may have short sightedness, far sightedness, presbyopia or macular degeneration, etc. No matter what eye problem you have, you can correct it if you do the eye exercises.

What are the benefits of Eye Exercises?

Eye exercises improve your vision and at the same time are quite relaxing and rejuvenating. They are a stress buster. If you do these exercises regularly, you’ll notice an improvement in your memory recall too.

Here are two best eye exercises to improve vision…

Palming – Palming is really effective and a stress buster. You cover your eyes with your palms. The key is to block out all light for some time. No light should enter the eye. You must hold this position for around four minutes. You can lie down on your bed and do this exercise. This exercise is really effective and you’ll see significant improvements in just two weeks.

Swinging – Swinging is a simple exercise done to loosen up tension in your spine, shoulders and your back. By swinging for around five to ten minutes a day, you’ll be able to improve your vision significantly. First, stand with your feet shoulder length apart and your back straight. Turn your upper body a full 90 degree until you are looking at the other end of the wall. Return to the original position and do the same on the left.

You must do this for around two to four minutes. All tension is released and you’ll find it relaxing. You must do this exercise once in the morning and once before going to bed.